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Binary Logic

Today I want to talk in more detail about binary logic. Binary logic is the most fundamental thing on which a CPU is based. As soon as you understand binary logic, you will have everything you need to implement a fully functional CPU. Electronic circuits use so-called Logic Gates to implement the binary logic. Binary…
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How to count with Hexadecimal Numbers

In my previous blog posting I have talked about how we count with decimal and binary numbers. As you have seen, we use the same concept here – a Reset-Carry operation. The only difference was the base – how many digits you have available for counting. In today’s blog posting I want to show you…
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How to count with Binary Numbers

In the next few blog posts I want to talk about some common stuff, which will be very important when we eventually design our CPU using transistors. In today’s blog post I want to cover counting with binary numbers. This might seems to be a very boring topic, but it is one of the most…
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