I’ve joined the Homebuilt CPU WebRing!

It’s about 4 years ago that I had my first thoughts about building my own CPU. As soon as I have started researching on Google about how a CPU actually works, and how you can even built your own CPU, I ended up at the Homebuilt CPU WebRing. It’s a web-ring which features home-built CPU projects where the authors are describing how their own designed CPU are designed and working. You can find here projects like the famous Magic-1 from Bill Buzbee, or the Relay Computer from Harry Porter.

And today I’m very happy and proud to announce that my own CPU project is now also included in the Homebuilt CPU WebRing!

My homebuilt CPU!

This is more than awesome, because this was one of my initial goals that I wanted to achieve. It gives me now also a very serious reason to work more on my website and build more content about how my CPU actually works. In addition I’m also planning to release over the time - step by step - the detailed schematics of my CPU so that you are also able to solder it at your own (if you have *some* spare time available…), or to simulate it in your own FPGA environment (the easy way).

Stay tuned & thanks for your time,


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