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Storing ALU Results in a General Purpose Register

Today I have made another huge step forward in my CPU project: I’m now able to transfer the result from an ALU operation into a General Purpose Register for further processing. As I have mentioned in my previous blog posting, my ALU consists of 2 Input Registers (A and B), and one Output Register (C).…
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The ALU is connected to the CPU!

Today I’ve made a huge step forward with my CPU: my ALU is now finally connected to the CPU, and performs its first calculation. The ALU itself is connected to 2 input registers and 1 output register of the CPU. These 3 registers are private to the ALU, and can’t be directly programmed by the…
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I’ve executed my first ALU instruction!

I like it, when everything works as expected: I've just executed my 1st ALU instruction! The ALU is the most important part of the CPU, because all calculations are done with it. Most of the time when you execute assembly instructions, these assembly instructions are related to ALU operations.       The ALU instruction…
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