About Me

Hello! I'm Klaus Aschenbrenner, and I live with my family in Vienna/Austria. I'm fascinated by computers since I can think. In my professional career I have always worked in various IT related positions (like software developer/architect, consultant, ...). I have started by programming career around 24 years ago by making my first steps with Microsoft QBasic. Then I moved on to C/C++, and in the year 2000 I switched to C# programming (based on the Microsoft .NET framework). And now I'm back by programming my own CPU with my own assembly language. How cool is that?

But I had never ever an idea how a CPU is *actually* internally working, and how all these things are relating to assembly language. Therefore this amazing project was born about 2 years ago. The goal of the project is to implement a 8-bit RISC based CPU only with primitive 74LS TTL gates (AND, OR, XOR, NOT).

By now I have already a fully working VHDL simulation of the CPU, and some parts are also already physically soldered with 74LS TTL gates (the mind map at the home page should give you an overview which parts are already *physically* working. In addition I'm also documenting my progress in my weblog. If you want to know more about my project, don't hesitate to contact me.

Yes, I have already lost hairs during my IT career...