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I’ve joined the Homebuilt CPU WebRing!

It’s about 4 years ago that I had my first thoughts about building my own CPU. As soon as I have started researching on Google about how a CPU actually works, and how you can even built your own CPU, I ended up at the Homebuilt CPU WebRing. It’s a web-ring which features home-built CPU…
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Loading 16-bit Memory Addresses

Today I have achieved a very important milestone in my CPU project: I’m able to load 16-bit Memory Addresses (into registers) from my 8-bit wide data bus. Huh, how should that work? 16-bit addresses with an 8-bit wide data bus? To accomplish this goal I’m using here a technique that I have “borrowed” from the…
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Building a support structure for the CPU

Over the last few days I have completely reworked my CPU and built a new support structure for it. The following picture shows you, how the CPU looked like earlier: It consisted of just 4 wooden frames (ALU, CPU supporting functions, Instruction Decoder, Register Unit), which have laid on the wall of my room. The…
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