Building a support structure for the CPU

Over the last few days I have completely reworked my CPU and built a new support structure for it. The following picture shows you, how the CPU looked like earlier:

A mess of wires...

It consisted of just 4 wooden frames (ALU, CPU supporting functions, Instruction Decoder, Register Unit), which have laid on the wall of my room. The whole thing wasn’t really stable, and moving the CPU around in the room was not really an option (because of the interconnection of the 4 frames). Therefore I have decided to build a completely new CPU cube with 4 walls. The goal was to be able to move the CPU around, and even be able to transport it to a difference place - if necessary in the future...

Each of the 4 new walls is now able to hold 30 individual soldered CPU modules (3 horizontal, 10 vertical).

One of the 4 new CPU walls

After I have drilled the necessary holes (to mount the individual CPU modules), I have mounted the 4 frames together to build the CPU cube itself:

The CPU cube is finished!

It looks quite impressive with a height of almost more than a meter! And then the time consuming part started: mounting each CPU module from the old wooden frame on the new one - and making all necessary wire connections - in the right way. It took more than 10 hours to complete this task. But the result is quite impressive as you can see from the pictures.


The Instruction Decoder

The Register Unit

That's the heart of the CPU: some SRAM memory and the Start switch!

Finally I have executed today some test programs against the CPU, and it seems that everything is working as expected! Nice 🙂

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